Cannot log in to admin after upgrade

Hi all.
I need some help troubleshooting.
I've just upgraded my 1.3 site to 2.0 (with the intent of going on to 2.1). I get the actual page running, content is read from DB etc, but I cannot log in to the admin panel!
Just to make sure I didn't forget the password I did

Taking the salt from the DB, and the output is the same as is stored in the DB.
But still I cannot log in. The log in prompt just reloads, no error message or anything.
Any ideas?


  • OK, since there doesn't seem to be any good suggestions found either here or on Stack Overflow and my site is very small content wise I decided to just wipe everything and do a clean install instead.
    Not a very good solution for future reference, but it will have to do.
  • I have just installed Pyro 2.1.5 Community on a local WAMP server. Install went fine, but I could not log in to the Admin panel afterwards.
    As I run virtual hosts on my WAMP server for each system, I happened to name this particular vhost 'pyrotest' (eg. http://pyrotest/admin/login).
    After a bit of digging, I found a 'bug' in the 'Cookie Related Variables' section of Config.php where the [cookie_domain] is hard-coded to look for a domain named 'localhost', and if found, not to add the domain name to the cookie domain. Because my vhost was 'pyrotest' then it was adding that to the cookie domain.
    I'm guessing that this then has a knock-on effect for something else which prevents the cookie ever being found again, hence the continual redirect to the login page.
    To fix the 'bug', I changed the line to check for my particular domain name as well as localhost...
    $config['cookie_domain']	= ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'pyrotest' OR $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'localhost') ? '' : $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

    Hope this helps someone else who happens to test Pyro with no dot in the domain name. (By the way, a similar 'problem' exists in Magento if you attempt to install it onto localhost.)
    [i]PS. OK, I admin that 'pyrotest' is not a valid real domain name, so this is not so much a bug as an 'overlook'. The obvious answer of course is to use proper domain names ;-)[/i]
  • I usually find that this is caused from people using an IP & domain name in their site configs on the server. Make sure there is one match only. Either your IP OR domains.

    Don't do: my.ip.address Do:

    Otherwise the IP is matched but you're on the domain.

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